Caroline Dahl
Boogie Woogie Piano
Photos Europe

Caroline with Tristan Patigny at The Music Village and L’Archiduc in Brussels, Belgium (April 2019)
Caroline at L’Archiduc in Brussels
The Music Village in Brussels
Tristan and Caroline
Playing at the Party at Le Bouche a Oreille — Brussels, Belgium (2006)
The Music Village in Brussels, Belgium with John Valcke & Bob Dartsch (2006)
The Jazz Station in Brussels, Belgium with John Valke, Eric Van Puyveld & Bob Dartsch (2006)
With John Valke & Bob Dartsch at the Van Deuren party in Brussels (2006)
Backstage with Renaud Patigny in Paris (Vierreres du Buisson) 2006
Paris (Villebon sur Yvette) 2005
Spring Blues Festival in Ecaussinnes, Belgium 2013 (photo by Michel Verlinden)
Ecaussinnes, Belgium 2013 (photo by Michel Verlinden)
International Boogie Woogie Festival in Lugano, Switzerland (2009)
With Silvan Zingg in Lugano
With Gene Taylor in Lugano
Trio in Lugano
Everyone in Lugano: On Pianos: Caroline, Renaud, Gene, Ulf Sandstrom; On Stage: Bo Gustafsson, Richie Loidl, Valerio, Silvan, Nuno, & 4 world-class dancers: William Mauvais, Maeva Truntzer, Nicolas Deniau & Melanie Deniau
Nicola Tenini, The Boogie Boy, in Lugano
“Brussels Boogie Woogie Piano Summit” in Belgium, Theatre St. Michel, 2004. After the Show — (front row) Christoph Rois, Caroline, Renaud Patigny & Liz Pennock. (back row) name unknown, John Valcke (bass), Dr. Blues, Andre Hobus, & Bob Dartsch (drums)
With Liz Pennock at rehearsal in Brussels
Caroline at the 14th annual “Les Nuits Jazz & Boogie Piano Festival” in La Salle Equinoxe Hall, Paris, 2002
With Axel Zwingenberger at “Les Nuits”
Trio at “Les Nuits” with Gilles Chevaucherie on Bass and Stephane Roger on Drums